Taormina – temporarily frozen prices, a rare opportunity to maximize your investment

Engel & Völkers Taormina Etna

When it comes to buying a holiday home, the colorful, sun-drenched Island Sicily offers great value for money and strong future prospects.

Sicily is blessed with a gorgeous geography – long white beaches lapped by turquoise shallows, fruit-clad hills climbing towards craggy mountains, windswept offshore islets, and, two entertainingly fiery but quite harmless volcanoes.

It’s an extremely colorful place, with an intriguingly mixed culture, cuisine and architecture. Every trading or invading group who ever crossed the Mediterranean seems to have dropped in on Sicily at some point. Greeks and Romans built temples here, the Normans and the Spanish erected cathedrals, while Arabs mixed exotic items into the cooking.

If you’re searching for luxury, you should consider Taormina, on the northern half of the east coast. The ever-fashionable “pearl” of the Mediterranean coast, attracts more foreign buyers than any other resort on Sicily.

Taormina has every amenity and a year-round social scene. If you want to rent to holidaymakers here, you could almost guarantee to have your property booked for at least six months of the year.

Airlines are still investing in Sicily – in the form of establishing new routes here – which makes Sicily an appealing prospect.

You should consider some of the island’s most desirable properties, because the temporarily frozen prices represent a rare opportunity to maximize your investment. Whether you want to spend big or spend small, it’s clear that Sicily is definitely worth thinking about.

Engl & Völkers Taormina Etna

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