Ten must-haves for real estate agents

Ten must-haves for real estate agentsBeing a successful real estate agent requires more than ambition, talent and personality. These ten tools of the trade will help any agent build and maintain their business.

Sharp tailoring

If in doubt, the key rules are that it’s better to be over than under-dressed, and a well-cut suit is almost always the safest option. You’re in a business that involves people making very important financial decisions, so it’s crucial that everything about your manner and appearance is professional and trustworthy. 

Reliable car

As a real estate agent, you may need to chauffeur prospective buyers to and from properties without any advance notice. Book in regular service sessions and always ensure that the inside of your car is clean and ready to receive visitors.

Beneficial online presence

Keep any personal social media accounts you operate private, sensible and free of controversial language. Your LinkedIn profile should be up to date and accurate, with a professional, recent photograph.

Networks that work for you

Google Plus, a social network that uses ‘circles’, enables you to sort your clients into categories like investors, first time and luxury buyers. This makes it much simpler to target information at the right demographic.

Memorable business cards

Choosing cards with rounded edges or a distinctive typeface can be an elegant way to set yourself apart. However, avoid non-standard sizes: cards should always fit neatly into the average wallet or purse.

Hands-free kit

Real estate agents spend a lot of time on the telephone, but you shouldn’t see those hours as wasted. A quality headset will allow you to talk in the car or on the go, and makes writing notes or recommendations while on a call considerably easier. 

Regular training

New trends and market fluctuations are constantly altering the real estate landscape, so stay ahead of your competitors by investing in yourself. Whether it’s a course on the latest IT system or improvisation classes to improve your client interactions, good training can reap rewards.

A business plan

Keep track of how many contacts must be developed each month in order to cultivate a good lead, and how many meetings are required to earn client loyalty. Format these numbers into a personal business plan which will give you clear goals and targets to aim for and a practical timeline to follow. 

Proven sales scripts

Sales rely on communication, so it’s important to know exactly what to say to clients and when. Develop scripts that work, and practise your delivery often with a partner who’s able to give constructive criticism.


Although it’s natural to want to commit as much time as possible to developing your career, real estate is an inherently social role. You’ll find it easier to develop a rapport with clients if you can find some common ground to discuss, and shared hobbies are often one of the best conversation starters. Investing time helping your community can be extremely rewarding on a professional and personal level, as it integrates you into your neighbourhood and lets you give back at the same time. 

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