Three questions to…

… Sandra Horn, Real Estate Consultant Engel & Völkers Lake Zurich Thalwil.

Three questions to...

1.   Which personal qualities work to your advantage in the marketing of high-quality real estate?

I think it is helpful if you can empathise with your client – whether buyer or seller. First and foremost, it is important to find out and to keep track of how the customer thinks, what their priorities are, their taste or their needs, and where his basic intentions lie. It’s safe to say that interest in the wishes and perspectives of our customers, coupled with a healthy degree of empathy, is the key to success.

2.   What is the most difficult hurdle so far that you have had to overcome?

At the beginning of my career, I thought I had no influence whatsoever on whether someone buys a property or not. Usually a customer enquires, I send them the exposé and they’re either interested or they’re not. This was initially frustrating for me, as I strictly worked on the basis of the motto that “I can only be successful if I deliver a good performance.” To me, performance always had something ‘material’ to it, something that you work on, that you pour your lifeblood into or create. In the new job as an estate agent, I had to find out for myself how my performance contributes to a successful career as an estate agent and what it implies. Participating in the Engel & Völkers seminar “Ready to sell!” has particularly helped me to develop new perspectives and new paths to follow.

3.    What advice would you give to aspiring real estate consultants?

The main necessary qualities are certainly attentiveness, empathy and the ability to listen. That may sound simple, but it’s a learning process, engaging your client and exploring exactly what their desires are. For me, the following maxim applies: “Don’t do all the talking and focus my gaze directly on the customer”. A natural and friendly approach as well as teamwork are important aspects for a fulfilling career as a real estate consultant.

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