How to tranform your passion into real estate success

How to tranform your passion into real estate successThe secret to real estate success is finding a way to incorporate your passion into your career. When you’re passionate about something, it shows in everything you do and keeps your motivation levels high, which should in turn translate to a bigger bottom line.

Although a passion for art, history, or cuisine may seem a hundred miles away from real estate, you can use these interests to help your career. Artistic skills can be put to use in designing flyers and websites, or dressing empty properties that you may currently be struggling to sell. If you are passionate about history, specialise in period properties and scour the archives to find the story behind each home and period feature. You can use these fascinating details to get prospective buyers interested in their possible new home.

Sharing your knowledge can also be a highly successful way to build up a network of contacts. You could compile your historical stories into a monthly newsletter, or create entertaining email bulletins with interior design tips and recipe suggestions for potential buyers to try out in their new kitchens. If readers enjoy what you’re sending them, they’ll pass on the information, creating more business for you.

Some passions, like jogging, jigsaw puzzles, and playing classical music, may seem difficult to bring into the office. If this is the case, stop and take some time to consider why you feel so strongly about each of these pursuits. Do you enjoy running because of the sense of accomplishment you feel after reaching your goal? Do you work on jigsaw puzzles because you enjoy focusing on small details before seeing the bigger picture? If you enjoy classical music, is it because you appreciate the coordination it takes to bring so many instruments together in perfect synchrony?

Once you have reflected on exactly what it is that you enjoy about your hobbies, it’s easier to incorporate that passion into your real estate career. For example, a fan of jigsaw puzzles can use their skills to focus on the small details of property marketing, putting together a meticulous campaign that will target specific buyers. Combining your passion with work can help you to stand out – become known as the real estate agent who plays symphonies in the car and on the background of your website, for example. When you find a way to use your passion in your everyday life, you’ll be excited to go to work every Monday. Often, an unusual solution will lead to a business breakthrough.

Areas of your career that frustrate you should be confronted and questioned with equal intensity. For example, if you don’t enjoy negotiating, ask yourself why. It could be one of many reasons: lack of self-esteem, distaste for confrontation, or simply because you feel it wastes time. Once you identify why you don’t enjoy an aspect of your role, you can start to work on that problem, finding a way to transform it into a passion simply by approaching it with a different frame of mind. 

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