Travel Tuesday: Dream Destination Lake Garda

Picturesque scenery, cultural monuments, sports opportunities and a year-round mild climate: Lake Garda attracts countless visitors year after year. Whether you’re travelling as a tourist or you’re on the search for a second home on the ‘Lago di Benaco’ – as the lake is called by its inhabitants: The largest lake in Italy, against the backdrop of the 2,200 meter-high Monte Baldo, is guaranteed to enchant you.

Travel Tuesday: Dream Destination Lake GardaHolidays for everyone

Lake Garda is a varied holiday region and is sought by many tourists throughout the year. Be it families, couples of sports enthusiasts, art lovers, or hikers – there seems to be something to please everyone. What’s more, a year-round mild climate ensures pleasant temperatures for excursions.

The north is ideal for surfing, hiking, and cycling, while the south offers a number of amusement parks. There are also plenty of places to swim. Art and culture lovers will also get their money’s worth, as medieval castles and forts, countless museums and cultural towns await.

Once around the lake, please!

A spin around the lake offers a view of the entire lakeside – best taken in a convertible, of course! The ride is less than 200 km and the scenery is pleasing to the eye. The lake extends into three different regions: In the north, the lake extends towards Trentino, the west belongs to Lombardy, and the east to Veneto. Its location at the foot of the surrounding mountains is picturesque and impressive. The bank is lined with Mediterranean plants: cypresses, olive trees, cedars, oleanders and palms add a southern flair. No matter where you start your tour from: each town is as beautiful as the next. Enjoy the scenery of splendid promenades, amourous couples and winding alleys.

Enjoy a trip on the lake

For anyone who doesn’t like long car rides, an exploration of the lake by boat is recommended. In particular, steamer trips from Peschiera, Lazise, or Bardolina, to Riva in the north, are a delightful treat. The view from the lake onto the shore and the mountains is simply unique and should be in every photo album.

More than wine: Bardolino

Bardolino, a former fishing village, is located on the eastern side of the lake and is home to the famous wine. The historic centre charms visitors with wide streets, wonderful restaurants, and lively bars. If you prefer nature, the hinterland lures with vineyards and olive groves. Directly next to the town there are inviting sandy beaches, perfect for swimming or walking.

Villa Borghese

The famous Villa Borghese is located on the largest and most beautiful island on the lake, Isola del Garda. The island on the western shore is inhabited by only a few people. The Venetian neo-classical style villa is fascinating to lovers of architecture. The surrounding park with pine trees, cypresses and lemon trees is also well worth a visit.

Surfing spot

The north is particularly ideal for surf lovers, but hikers and cyclists also find enjoyment there. Thanks to the strong winds, Torbole is a location particularly guaranteed to have ideal surfing weather. Here, the lake is at its narrowest and the mountains are the steepest. Of course, there are also other surf stations in the north, and beginners as well as advanced surfers are catered for very well.

In the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet

Verona is located only 30 km away from the southern end of Lake Garda. Culture lovers should not pass Verona by. The famous Roman amphitheatre, the Verona Arena, and the glamorous Opera Festival are just two examples of the splendour of this artistic and historical Italian city. Numerous monuments convey the image of bygone eras and really capture the hearts of history enthusiasts.

Stay forever

Lake Garda enchants its visitors not only with tourist destinations, but enough that many would like to stay longer. The demand for second homes is increasing continuously. Daniel Boesch, real estate agent from the local Engel & Völkers, knows:  “The time to invest in a second home on Lake Garda is exactly right, because currently there is still a wide range of excellent options available. Due to the growing demand for real estate, prices are expected to continue to rise in the foreseeable future. Whoever wants to follow the trend should invest now.”

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