Travel Tuesday: On a tour of discovery in Weimar

Travel Tuesday: On a Tour of Discovery in WeimarTraditional and modern: At the place where Goethe and Schiller once worked and where Walter Gropius created a symbol for modernity with his Bauhaus, you can now spend a few wonderful days between culture, shopping and relaxing Are you ready for a trip between culture and history?

A good day in Thuringia’s fourth largest city starts with breakfast in the more than 170 year old residential café. It is the oldest café in Weimar and is situated right next to Goethe’s first apartment. Today, it is a stop-off point for old and young and radiates the charm of a real Viennese café.

Time for some culture!

In Thuringia’s picturesque city, you can witness not only the traces of the Enlightenment but also of Weimar classicism: Intellectuals and artists like Goethe, Bach, Schiller, Liszt, Nietzsche, Kandinsky and Klee lived and worked in the city. The Goethe national museum is devoted to the writer and thinker. There are also two houses in which he once lived which are owned by the museum and are worth visiting. Modernity is also represented in Weimar by the prominent representative Walter Gropius who fathered a school for art, architecture and design in 1919 with the foundation of the national Bauhaus. If you would like to learn more about the work of Gropius, you can find fascinating information and backgrounds in the Bauhaus museum about the groups, Walter Gropius and the building.

Culinary highlights

The Café Frauentor seduces its visitors with a large selection of cakes and tarts. It extends over two floors and has its own confectionary shop. If you’re on the search for international delicacies, you’ll find them at Feinkost Hauffe; one of the oldest houses in Weimar. Here you can find a rich selection of high quality oils, olives, over 900 wines from around the world, chocolate, cheese and sausage. Would you like to eat a real Thuringia bratwurst? Then don’t dare reach for the ketchup unless you’re looking to be outed as a tourist. The locals eat the speciality with mustard only!

Shopping and strolling

The wonderful old city streets demand to be strolled down. Here you can find original shops such as Rudolf Kaiser’s “smallest tie shop with the largest selection north of the Alps” which also offers seminars entitled “Counselling for Men”. Are you looking for a Weimar souvenir? The classic thing here is a gingko leaf due to a poem of Goethe’s. You’ll find it in tea or adorned on porcelain, jewellery and accessories.

Our tip for Weimar: Travel outside of the popular months of May/June and September/October so you miss the months with the highest amount of visitors and the longest museum queues. Would you like to invest in a property? Our shop can advise you extensively and show you the current properties. 

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