Unique buildings from the XIV and XVIII century in Palma de Mallorca – Old Town

These two adjoining properties are located in the Old Town of Palma. Both them preserve some of their original features from the 14th and 18th century, such as stone arches, woodwork, beams, frescos and the typical Mallorcan inner courtyards, which give the building a distinctive flair. Furthermore, there are several terraces on one of the buildings, which offer beautiful views over the Old Town of Palma. The entire structures and all their features are very well maintained and well looked after. For the 18th century edifice there is an initial project for a boutique hotel with 22 rooms, spa and restaurant. This large space of, all in all, more than 3600 sqm,  is very well kept with its fascinating features and with exceptional charm due to its grand past history.

5. Unique building Palma

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