Unique property on Mallorca in Porto Cristo

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There are villas and fincas all over the world. But there’s only one perfect location for your dream house: Porto Cristo and its surroundings on Mallorca!


Buying this house in Porto Cristo was the best decision of your life! The surroundings were exactly as the real estate agent predicted: Diverse, calm and luxurious. These were the exact adjectives that the real estate agent had mentioned and of course, you were excited right away.


Exclusive villa with fantastic sea views, Porto Cristo, Mallorca

Exclusive villa, Porto Cristo, Mallorca


Based on the valuable advice of a few friends, you were convinced to consult with an experienced real estate agent at Engel & Völkers. You stated your ideas of an own villa or finca and received a few important tips and suggestions from an expert, who was able to help you out a lot. As the real estate agent recommended Porto Cristo to you, you got enthusiastic, curious and excited at the same time. After booking a last minute flight to Mallorca, to take a look at the suggested areas in real life, you were instantly overwhelmed at arrival by all the wonderful properties and the surroundings of Porto Cristo.


The house that you chose on Mallorca is a dream: Each one of your friends, that visits you in your chic new finca, is absolutely astounded. This is why, you made a promise to your circle of friends, to open the doors to your property in Porto Cristo once every month and invite everyone that you care about.

Your guests may then bring any self-cooked dishes to the party in your finca, along with: tapas, marinated gambas, self-made orange jam or delicious cheese. The table that meets monthly at your villa is filled with new delicacies each time.


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