Valletta 2018; The European Capital of Culutre

Valletta, was recently awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2018 on 13th October 2012. The nomination was presented by the Valletta Local Council, on behalf of all the localities of the Maltese Islands. The announcement was made during a press conference by Manfred Gaulhofer, Chairperson of the Evaluation Board.

European Commission representative, Ann Branch, said that the title of European Capital of Culture is a prestigious one, which was awarded to a city rich in history and with the potential to further stregthen its cultural and socio-economical sectors. She congratulated Malta for the work done and emphasised that our cultural and creative sector has a bright future ahead and thus encouraged Malta to keep on implementing its long-term plans for this sector. 

It was noted that these long term plans for the cultural sector generates 4% of the GDP and employs around 8,000 persons in around 3,600 businesses.  The then Minister of Tourism and Culture Mario de Marco, this news was very positive for our cultural and creative sector as well as for the Maltese nation.

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