Video drones – the flying cameras

Will the sky soon be full of drones? This is, after all, the dawning of the age of the drones and the aerial vehicles are already being used for a wide range of applications, at least by the film industry. Not long ago, producing high-quality aerial images required a lot of expensive equipment. In recent years, the real estate sector too has increasingly used video and camera drones to take aerial photographs. We spoke with Matthias Herrmann from N24, the director of the TV show “Faszination Wohnen – Engel & Völkers exklusiv “, about his work with a video drone.

Video drones - the flying camerasWhat are the advantages of using a camera drone for film shooting?

Matthias Herrmann: “Drones make it possible to produce quickly and relatively cheaply. Aerial footage used to require a lot of equipment as well as a helicopter, pilot and camera team. Nowadays, even a single person could, at least theoretically, make spectacular film recordings. In order to produce “The Fascination of Living”, we worked simultaneously with two drone professionals. One piloted the drone, the other moved the camera in the desired direction. This allowed for great footage.”

How high or low can you fly a drone?

Matthias Herrmann: “The video drone must always remain within sight. The minimum height for aerial photographs from a helicopter is 150 meters, in cities or urban areas it could even be as much as 300 meters. The flight altitude for drones is lower, which makes it possible to get much closer to the property you are filming, a definite advantage. We even flew the drone inside the house to shoot some of the scenes for our TV show! I must admit, however, that I was somewhat anxious about causing damage to the luxurious interior. But it allowed for camera perspectives that would not have been possible if we would have used a helicopter or film crane.

How does a drone work?

Matthias Herrmann: “The drone is fitted with a technically sophisticated camera system. The camera is mounted to a gimbal, a camera stabilization and anti-vibration device that allows for level and vibration-free filming.

The drone is remote-controlled by a drone pilot or drone operator. An app makes it possible to use a smartphone or tablet as monitor and adjust the settings. Depending on the model, the drone can perform various vertical and horizontal manoeuvres or simply glide through the air using up to 8 propellers. Even in strong wind.”

What does the planning involve?

Matthias Herrmann: “First of all, you need to inspect the property carefully and figure out the best way to set the scene. Then you must consider where to position the film crew, so that everyone stays out of the way of the camera. Of course, the weather and the position of the sun must also be taken into account. The light conditions have a significant impact on the way the property comes across, and it is important that the drone itself does not cast a visible shadow. This not only looks unsightly, it would also be distracting. After all, the viewer should be focusing on the beautiful real estate, not the drone.

In addition, each country has special regulations for flying objects, and each copter flight requires prior approval from the authorities.”

The footage for the N24 TV show is spectacular, with some truly breathtaking aerial views. The exact location of the property as well as the surroundings are shown, allowing the viewer to view the property without being physically present. If you are curious about our N24 video shoots, you can view all our current shows here! Enjoy!

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