A villa just for you in San Carlos

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You want to live in a great villa or finca on Ibiza? Then you are in the right place in San Carlos. Here you will find a home that fits all your needs.

Take a little look around Ibiza, specifically San Carlos, and you will notice how diverse the island is. You can experience a lot, if you want to. Whether parasailing in Cala Llonga, diving in Cala Tarida or rowing boats in San Carlos: Every town has its own adventure, you should definitely get to know some time.

Terrace of a finca in San Carlos

Finca with fantastic views, San Carlos, Ibiza

Ibiza invites you to take a cozy train ride. Although cars and motorcycles are practical, a small tram also has its merits. On Ibiza, there is a nice Express that takes you from Es Figueral all the way to Cala Boix. Enjoy the feeling of sitting on a well-padded rear seat and having an authentic view of nature, real estate and various landscapes. This ride is a special opportunity to get to know Ibiza.

If you want to relax outside your villa in San Carlos again, a trip to the beach Cala Leña is especially suitable. Here the beach is wide and the water is not just a beautifully turquoise color but also warm. Here’s where you can relax in all peace and notice that Ibiza still has many more facets than just luxury real estate and adventure opportunities. So look forward to your finca and your future life in San Carlos.

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