Your villa, your new beginning in San Juan

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Ibiza has wonderful houses and villas and many sights, that you’d like to take a closer look at. Amongst all the fincas you’ll most likely find one that you like.


San Juan has been your personal route to happiness. At the beginning, your family was sceptical: A new beginning on Ibiza island? In a gorgeous finca with a view of the sea or a villa with amazing orange trees and whose glowing fruits you can see from far? Everything sounded too perfect for your wife. She wanted to check out the travel catalogs a bit more, that also advertised the dream life in San Juan and the surrounding areas.


Kitchen of a Property in San Juan

Property with a gorgeous kitchen area, San Juan, Ibiza


Nonetheless, you surprised your wife for her birthday with a small trip to Ibiza. You checked out different areas, that you definitely wanted to show her: San Juan, Santa Eulalia, or San José.


You were hoping that with this gift, your wife would recognize the possibilities of life on Ibiza in San Juan. And you’ve achieved just that: You were able to leave a quite attractive impression of Ibiza as a potential future home to your wife. You didn’t even have to do as much as you thought.


The natural sanctuaries surprised her, since she first thought that the island would only convince with its relaxation factor. The natural parks i.e. es Vedrà and es Vedranell are some that she’d especially liked. Once in a while, you noticed that she even took a look at pretty properties near the beach.


San José is another area your wife wanted to view as well. The church of San Jordi and the community of Ses Paises de Cala d’Hort. Altogether you had planned approximately 3 weeks for the surprise, but it looks like you will be staying on Ibiza Island for quite a bit longer.


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