Villa Remigio opens again to the public: Verbania in spring is enriched with art and culture.

Villa Remigio opens again to the public: Verbania in spring is enriched with art and culture. Spring is finally in the air on Lake Maggiore and the whole territory is preparing to open the doors to a season full of events, flavors and magical fragrances. The Borromean Islands and specifically Isola Madre and Isola Bella will open to tourists starting from March 20th, 2015 with their gardens and their unique view, with the lake as a backdrop to a natural paradise. With Expo 2015 to be held in Milan, there will be many villas and gardens open to the public to allow to the whole world to appreciate and admire the classic Italian beauty. Villa San Remigio in Verbania will return with a series of actions that will aim from the start to the renovation of the building and the garden. This ancient villa is famous in the history of art mainly because it was the love nest of the marquis Silvio della Valle di Casanova and the painter Sophie Browne.
The beauty of the villa, for a long time, has been denied to tourists, often directed to Villa Taranto or to the Borromean islands at the expense of a treasure of art and culture that cannot be compared to anything else. Precisely for this reason, in view of the summer season, the town of Verbania (who owns the Villa on loan for use granted by the Region) decided that Villa Remigio will be the right place for exhibitions and shows to be held in the territory. The Foundation Giuseppe Verdi liked Villa Remigio enough to wish strongly that that space is made available for some events of the foundation of classical music and opera music on Lake Maggiore.