Visit a winery in Sicily


Sicily is well known for producing excellent wines such as Nero d’Avola, Zibibbo Etna, Porto, Moscato, Malvasia, and Sambuca di Sicilia. On the feast of St. Martin and over the Christmas season, the cellars of the most famous wine producers of Sicily remain open. Visitors may browse the rows of vines, the huge barrels of wine, and see the manufacturing process, and then, of course, enjoy tasting the finest wines in the cellar. At the autumn harvest, the traditional time to gather grapes is often followed by a feast where you can meet all those who participated in the collection. The feast of St. Martin on 11th November, sees the Beaujolais Nouveau of Italian wines launched – with its fresh taste. It is not a coincidence that the time of the feast is also called St. Martin’s Summer and in Sicily at this time, there are still good temperatures even though it is November! All around the streets you will run into vendors selling roasted chestnuts carefully collected on Mount Etna. At Christmas time, the wine has acquired a more intense flavour, where you can drink and eat local sweets and dried fruit with the locals. Consult online wineries open in Sicily during the feast of St. Martin and over Christmas. Take the opportunities to get into the heart of a winery for a unique experience linked the world of wine, grapes and of the oldest traditions of our land: “U ‘vigniaiu”