Do you want to change your career?

Do you want to change your career?With statistics suggesting that the average person will change careers between five and seven times during their working life, you’re certainly not alone if you suspect you’re on the wrong career path. You may have been working within the same organisation for several years and have begun to feel frustration more frequently than inspiration. If you find yourself dreading Monday mornings and counting down the minutes until Friday evening, you could be experiencing more than simple dissatisfaction with your current employer. It may be time to consider a career change.

Once you have identified the need for a new career, it’s important to carefully consider which alternative career path most suits you and your lifestyle. Assess the relative merits of each career you’re interested in. Becoming a real estate agent, for example, is a decision people often make later in life, having already tried some other careers and possibly even gained relevant skills along the way. The industry is thriving and it can be a lucrative choice. Agents work independently within an agency, so you are effectively your own boss, and it’s a role that offers flexibility within your working hours. Responsibilities range from finding a property with the perfect bedrooms for clients’ children to negotiating deals, with unique challenges every day. It’s ideal for people who enjoy getting out of the office, as real estate agents spend most of their time with properties and clients.

Deciding upon a new career path involves a level of self-analysis. Consider where your strengths lie: What are your key talents? What makes you feel inspired during the day? Which aspects of your personality are you most proud of, and would like to explore further? The answer to these questions will help you to identify a more fulfilling career.

It’s also important to be receptive to new ideas and talents; the job market is constantly changing and calling for new skills. You may not think your passion for social media, for example, could have any real-world applications, but it could help you develop a personal brand when you make a client-facing career change.

On the other hand, it’s important to consider your weaknesses. Ask yourself what you dislike in your current role, and look for careers that lack that element. If you find it difficult to work with a micromanaging supervisor, for example, you could consider a role where you have full control over your day-to-day activities.

Once you have identified the career path you’re interested in, think carefully about your next steps. Put together a plan of action and consider what training you will need. If you have any contacts or family members who already have a career in this industry, discuss it thoroughly with them to ensure you are making the right decision. Once you have decided on a career and feel confident in your choice, start applying for training courses and jobs.

If you are planning on becoming a real estate agent, consider starting your career change with Engel & Völkers. With operations in 39 countries, and a constantly expanding network of property shops throughout the world, we may have the perfect role for you. Visit our E&V Careers microsite to learn more, and to apply.

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