Weekend walks in the Liege region

Villa in the Walloon region

Villa in the Walloon region

The warm weather will be here again soon! 

The warm weather will be here again soon! When you are not making the most of a sunny afternoon in the garden, you can go on long walks in the forest with friends or family. That is the reason you chose to live in a villa less than half an hours’drive from stunning scenery and invigorating walks like the one by Ninglinspo (at Aywaille, Liege), classed as exceptional heritage of the Walloon region.

During your walk, you will be able to take in such sights as the huge blocks of quartzite, shaping pools here and there with exotic sounding name like le bain d’Hermès or le bain des Naïades. The itinerary, interspersed by waterfalls, will no doubt remind you just how fortunate you are to live so close to these beauty spots the countryside has to offer. Besides, it is said that this place has been the inspiration for more than one local legend… Why not your own?


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