Welcome to your new house in Llucmajor

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How nice is it that you have decided on a house in fantastically beautiful Llucmajor Mallorca! You have visited many tasteful properties in Llucmajor. Among the villas and houses here, you have discovered a suitable property for you and your dreams.

When you looked at your villa for the first time, you had already noticed that in Llucmajor, you’re dealing with a unique Mallorcan town. The people who walked past you were full of life. That was one of the reasons why you have fallen in love with this picturesque beautiful and original place. Located only 15 kilometers from the coast and only 4 kilometers from the Palma Airport, you’ve still arrived in the middle of life and not far from the pulsating heart of the island.

Terrace of a villa in Llucmajor with views of the sea

 Spacious villa right on the coast, Llucmajor, Mallorca

The tranquility that awaits you in your new villa in Llucmajor, combined with the wonderful climate and the radiant beautiful sunshine, is exactly what you need and what you have yearned for in your home country. Your villa is built in island style. You feel infinitely comfortable in your villa, whose dominant colors glisten in Mediterranean hues, just as you had imagined it.

You particularly love to spend your free time on farmer’s market of Llucmajor. The market is located just outside of the historic town hall and here is where various traders convince with diverse and fresh Mallorcan goods. Today you could not get past the persimmons, avocados and figs. After the visit to the market, you return to your villa with the basket full of delicious foods and know that life on Mallorca is exactly what you’ve always wanted.

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