Welcome to the park of Lake Maggiore

Welcome to the park of Lake Maggiore. 

From the beauties of the landscape to lot of possibilities to practice sport. The Regione Lombardia and the Chamber of Commerce aim for the “active tourism” and launch the slogan #Doyoulake? Lake Maggiore, a place to visit and live like a real natural park: a place where it is possible to practice sport and at the same time to enjoy a unique landscape and discover the rich heritage of art and culture. 

biciThe signature of this project arrives after a way which was launched in the autumn 2013 with the agreement for the products clubs. There are six clubs that have created some packages linked to a model of “motivational” tourism. There are people who are attracted to our territory by the possibility of spending some days under the heading of their passions like cycling holidays, horse-riding or gliding but also the archaeological heritage or a food concept declined in a wellness logic. This project, that focus on an architectural, historical and environmental heritage of the whole area of the Lake Maggiore, works on the green and active tourism that is also linked to the sport activities.

2_Weekend-TicinoA green and outdoor tourism. A tourism that is referred to a wide and miscellaneous target of users. Lake Maggiore is fantastic and has great potentiality. And it does not have to envy any characteristic of other touristic destinations. We have to work to show them in the best way! 

a cavalloThanks to the economical resources that have been made available by the Lombardy Region, there are now the right conditions to start a promotion activity that would improve tourist attraction on a pattern that values the natural elements that make the lake Maggiore a source of richness.