Whether an apartment or a house – in El Molinar your real estate dreams come true!

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Looking for a house, apartment or a penthouse in Mallorca? El Molinar is ideal to buy an exclusive property. Take a look around and simply let yourself be inspired by the variety of houses. 

El Molinar! This place is your future! You live in the now and feel like your heart beats faster when you think of Mallorca! El Molinar is one of the trendiest areas in Mallorca – you’ve heard this many times, but since you have taken a look around the environment and the properties, you are more than just excited! You can hardly put into words how happy you are to have found a perfect Penthouse.

View of a house in El Molinar directly on the beach

Luxurious house with modern comfort, El Molinar, Mallorca

That’s because you didn’t just buy the property – you have also created the perfect conditions for a happy life. Of course, it’s impossible to determine what exactly people may need to be happy but you definitely have made a step in the right direction with the house purchase in El Molinar.

El Molinar is not just the trendy district of Mallorca, it’s also the place where you can practice your favorite hobby: sport on the high seas, the sport boat riding! With your boat license you can control a wide range of boats – including of course your own yacht.

The first marina was founded in 1917 in El Molinar. The Club Marítimo de Levante has around 100 berths. This impressive harbor is your absolute favorite, compared to the marinas you know. If you have an eye for boats and their operation, be sure to stop by in El Molinar!

Interested in theater, aside from water sports? Perfect! In El Molinar in Mallorca the Teatre de Mar invites you to spend wonderful evenings. The viewing of a play is worthwhile here in any case. Look forward to a wonderful time in your Penthouse in Mallorca and many unique experiences in El Molinar!

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