Whether a villa or house – Valldemossa has much to offer!

A property in Mallorca will excite you – the environment will enchant you! Valldemossa offers a range of unique properties. Simply choose a suitable house or a villa according to your wishes.

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Initially you were only planning to go on vacation and relax on Mallorca. Your wife was fascinated by Valldemossa and the unique properties from the get go. She didn’t only like the village with its distinctive architecture and conservation, multiculturalism, but also that Mallorcan village life and fresh fruit and vegetables on the table. The typical weekly farmer’s market, which takes place here every Monday and Wednesday, has become her favorite.

Exterior area of a property in Valldemossa with a fountain

Upscale property with a fantastic outdoor area, Valldemossa, Mallorca

At first, you accompanied her to the market, carried the bags and watched in amazement how good your wife’s Spanish has become all of a sudden. You had picked up on your Spanish skills together at first, but you realized that you still had much to learn. But on the market in Valldemossa, your wife’s shy nature seems to have disappeared into nothing!

You are very proud of your wife, who returns to the villa full of good mood with a full bag of ingredients and cooks the tastiest magic Spanish paella that you could imagine. That’s when you began to wonder what it would be like to stay here for a longer period of time in a beautiful property together. Together you looked at many villas and houses in Valldemossa. The properties were all generous and enchanting – just like your wife when she goes market shopping!

Now the time has come and you have bought a house in Valldemossa in Mallorca. The sun is shining, your wife’s face is radiant and everyone is happy! The holiday in Mallorca proved to be one of the best decisions in your life.

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