The wonders of the lake in autumn

The wonders of the lake in autumn. When the summer is winding down, the landscape changes, giving us unique colors. Autumn is the time when you can enjoy the silence around you and, when you go on vacation during this time, you can lose yourself in moments of pure relaxation.


lago paesaggio

Those who choose a holiday at Lake Maggiore during this season will be amazed by so much beauty: the calm and clear waters of the lake, accompanied by dancing leaves, chestnuts and small mushrooms sprouting up around the trees. All countries bordering the lake, as well as inland areas, welcome the autumn with many fairs and festivals, so as to transform each day into a wish for prosperity for the year that is about to begin and a date with the goodness .
Do not miss this opportunity… the sun is still shining at the lake and the climate is still hot!

Take the chance for a mountain hike, a bike ride or a boat trip on the calm waters of Lake Maggiore!

During this period there are many chestnuts in the mountains, food and wine festivals and you can still visit the islands and botanical gardens of Lake Maggiore!




Lago autunno 2 Lago autunno castagna