District 4 in Zurich and his anchor

By request of the inhabitants, the western area of Sihl/Limmat had been separated from Wiedikon area in the year 1787. This separation was perceived to be a gain and relief, which was also reflected by the illustration of an anchor in the coat of arms. The new district had been compared with a silver field where the black anchor, firmly connected to the ground, provides safety.

District 4 in Zurich_1 District 4 in Zurich_2 District 4 in Zurich_3 District 4 in Zurich_4


The district 4, known for its busy ambience and nightlife, has improved its order and safety massively with the wide-ranging undertaking „Langstrasse Plus“ as well as with the urban revaluation. Today not only young academics, artists and students explore the district 4 as a living space, which leads to broad cultural mix within the population. Thus, the attractiveness of the district as a trendy urban living area with historic buildings and very modern new constructions is increasing continuously.


Anchor of Zurich's district 4

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