Advantages of living in a penthouse

You might be living life in the fast lane, but should you be living it on the top floor? With an ever-growing trend for penthouse living, many people are choosing to switch the townhouse for all the benefits of having their feet firmly off the ground.

Advantages of living in a penthouse

Penthouse apartments are located on the top of a building, normally in city centres. They’re highly sought after thanks to their often luxurious and modern features and reputation as a status symbol. Here are the other benefits of having your own home in the clouds.


One of the undeniable bonuses of living on the top floor is that you have more privacy than any other apartment in your condo. It’s quieter and more exclusive than living at street level in a house too, as you’re elevated out of the crowds and away from much of the noise. There’s also almost no chance of being overlooked. The most sought-after penthouse apartments often have plenty of outdoor space for this very reason; with roof gardens, terraces, outdoor dining and Jacuzzis.


The penthouse apartment is typically the largest in the condominium, giving you plenty of space to play with. Some penthouses run over more than one floor, others take up the full space that houses two or three apartments on lower floors. The outdoor space is usually much larger than a balcony too, so you can live inner city without compromising on your garden. This makes them great for families or simply living in style.


Living in a penthouse apartment means you can be in a city, while being out of the city. This gives you the best of both worlds, with easy access to city centre attractions and amenities, yet a quiet and calm living space. If you’re living a hectic life with a demanding career, it’s good to know that you can get away from it all the moment you walk in the door.


If you like contemporary style, a luxury penthouse apartment is definitely the right place for you. Most penthouses are relatively new in build and interior design, so you can expect lots of glass, plenty of light, expansive views, and open-plan living spaces.


Living on the top floor easily lends itself to a luxury lifestyle. Penthouses usually boast high-spec amenities, the most modern furnishings and added features typical of condo living, such as potential pool and gym access and a lift. The view is another luxury that cannot be ignored; rarely does a town house offer such a dramatic and attractive panorama.

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