Always have a trusted relationship with your clients

Businesses that enable and build relationships with their clients that are based on trust have obviously greater success with business growth. Once Albert Einstein’s a genius in theoretical physics stated: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”  Who could have predicted how important his words would become to real-estate agents in the 21st century?

Have a trusted relationship with your clientsIn the fast-paced, whirlwind world of international property, trust is king. Building a rapport with your clients is the key to landing large sales and developing a strong reputation as either an individual real-estate agent or a firm.

As Einstein’s words clarify, creating a relationship based on good faith can boil down to subatomic details. Let’s take a look at a handful of steps you can take to foster the trust of customers throughout your career.

Be honest

The first point is straightforward: be honest. Any discerning client will be doing their own research, so even the smallest of mistruths is sure to be revealed in the fullness of time. If you can prove yourself as a reliable source of information from the very beginning, your clients are likely to value your opinion when it comes to closing a deal.

Be there

Any real-estate agent will know it’s not unusual for sales to become protracted. When a client is taking several weeks to mull over a decision and you’re juggling multiple accounts, it’s easy to become distracted. But property investors need their real-estate agents to be ready to go in an instant. Solve the issue by completing preparatory work in between meetings and ensure your notes on each customer are ready for whenever they decide to call or drop into the office.

Be supportive

As there are numerous parties involved in a property deal, real-estate agents can often become pulled in various directions due to conflicting interests. If you seem stretched in the eyes of a client, you can forget about earning their trust. Customers need to know you work for them, so make it clear you’ll be standing up for their interests.

Be forthcoming

Real-estate agents are no strangers to complications, even in the most straightforward of deals. The chances are that you’ll be forced to deliver your client some bad news at some stage in the process. Perhaps the market has taken an unfavourable turn, or the solicitors have stumbled upon some unforeseen difficulties with the paperwork. As a real-estate agent, these situations are often beyond your control. The best thing you can do is be honest – and quickly.

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