Await the great! Colour trends 2017

From the poet, Leigh Hunt, to the painter, Pablo Picasso, all great artists understand the importance of colour. Hunt described colours as the ‘smiles of nature’, while Picasso noted that, like features, colours closely follow the changes of emotions. It’s no shock, then, that colour palettes play a lead role in home decor trends too.

Await the great! Colour trends 2017A change in colour trends can transform the feel of a home, helping it mirror your personality. Whether you’re creating a cosy winter reading room or a light and breezy living area, you’ll be looking to the rainbow for inspiration. Here, we take a peek at the upcoming colour trends set to influence the world of interior design throughout 2017 and consider what different colours say about you.

A year of confidence

Interior trends in 2017 are due to embrace boldness, which is great news for those with confident personalities. Delicate, pastel shades are out the window, replaced instead with bolshy and brave shades. Expect rich reds to take centre stage, with deep blues and turquoises cropping up in bathrooms and kitchens.

It’s worth noting that blue-based shades rarely work well in dining spaces. This is in part due to the lack of blue foods out there, meaning we don’t associate the colour with eating. Use them sparingly, if at all, in these spots.


You’re not one-dimensional, so your home shouldn’t be either. Bold colours may be making a comeback, but homeowners need to be mindful of contrast. Home decor trends for 2017 advocate the use of confident tones only in moderation. A great way to counteract the intensity of your shades is to use contrasting details, showing your own personal flair for subtlety.

Offset vibrant walls by using a supplementary shade on skirting, doors and furnishings. Interior trends are welcoming the use of opposites this coming season, so you’re free to pick a secondary shade that suits you.

Strong themes

We’ve already touched on the importance of being economical with powerful colours. The same can be said for the number of different shades you use in each room. It can be tempting to try expressing yourself with a variety of colours, but this can confuse the message.

While each room in the house can take on a different palette, it’s important to limit the shades in each separate area to two. Colour trends are moving towards the bold, not the busy. Here’s a chance to show your ruthless side.

Think beyond the walls

When most of us think of freshening up the colour palette in our home, we think of painting the walls. While that’s always an excellent place to start embracing upcoming home decor trends, there’s plenty more to explore. Think outside the box.

If you’re lucky enough to have some gorgeous exposed floorboards in your home, why not offer them a fresh lick of paint? A bold choice of floor colour can work incredibly well with pared-down shades on the walls. You can make use of coloured accessories to accentuate this subtle primary shade.

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