Bathe in the Garden of Eden

Dive into nature at home in your own, personal paradise. Natural swimming ponds and living pools can be installed almost everywhere, respecting the biosphere and bringing joy to body and soul.

Bathe in the Garden of Eden

This is how your paradise could look: Spend hours relaxing at the swimming pond, watching as the light gently reflects off the water and all your cares float away in the ripples of the fountain. Ponds like these with a lush 75 square metres of swimming space (top) characterise modern garden architecture and embodying the harmony of quality of life and being in touch with nature. A wall separates the bathing and regeneration areas where plants and microorganisms destroy contamination and excess nutrients. This award-winning garden paradise (“Germany’s most beautiful swimming pond”) was created and manufactured by Bahl GmbH, just like the living pools near Hamburg (bottom). Living pools, the ideal alternative for people who don’t want to share their pool with frogs, offer bathing in crystal-clear water in the perfect symbiosis of biology and technology. While it looks like a classical pool, it’s also a fully-fledged biological swimming pond. This is made possible by a filter integrated into the biological and physical water preparation, letting the pool survive without chlorine and any other chemicals. Bahl, a traditional company that has worked on the design, creation and care of luxury private gardens since its beginnings in 1966, offers competence and experience to make gardens – big or small – suiting every individual. Christian Bahl, Managing Director of the family business with a team of 30 people, explains: “A swimming pond looks great the whole year round. It lives and transforms throughout the seasons. Plants, animals and water, the living element, make it a real experience!“ And it makes a meaningful contribution to nature conservation. “After a short time, small water animals and valuable water plants move in, finding a new life here…” So – if it’s true that gardens are the last traces of the lost paradise – everyone can capture a piece of the Garden of Eden. Visit for more information.

Text: Angelika Brinkmann

Bathe in the Garden of EdenBathe in the Garden of Eden

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