Beginning of winter: With these tips, every homeowner can winterproof his or her home

Winter – many people associate it with cosy get-togethers in the warm. Especially at Christmas, of course. Homeowners should be thinking about winterproofing their properties now in order to ensure they have a cosy nest for the coming months. After all, snow, storms, frost and moisture can cause considerable damage. You’ll find a few tips below for winterproofing your property.

How every homeowner can winterproof his home

The Roof

The first winter check that a homeowner should carry out when winter-proofing a home is of the roof. It is especially important to clean the gutters. If these are blocked by leaves and dirt, they can overflow, allowing water to run over the house’s façade or roof structure. This can cause damage to the house. A specialist should also check to see whether the tiles are still secure and ensure that there are no leaks.

Windows and doors 

When houses and apartments are heated from the inside in winter, homeowners should check that rubber and silicon seals on doors and windows are intact. If these are damaged, it can lead to draughts and higher energy usage. Rubber sealant should therefore be replaced regularly. Shutter belts and window hinges should also be checked at the beginning of winter and changed if necessary.

Water pipes

In the cold months, temperatures can often drop below 0 degrees. This can cause water pipes to freeze. This can lead to pipes bursting or can cause backwater. In order to rule out this scenario in winter, homeowners should turn water pipes off promptly and should never let the house cool down completely during periods of absence. If a pipe should burst, you must call a plumber who knows how to prevent extensive damage.

Heating system

During winter, it can be cold and unpleasant outside. So, of course, we want to be warm and cosy in our homes. To guarantee this in the coming months, provisions must be made. Winter-proofing a house includes checking the radiator pressure and bleeding the radiators. In order to make sure, a specialist should service the heating system at the beginning of winter. It’s important that the specialist cleans the boiler, optimizing combustion, and checks the circulation pump. The oil heating should be refilled as promptly as possible, long before winter sets in. The delivery times for fuel can be very long at the beginning of the winter heating period.

Trust is good, checking is better

A thick layer of snow is beautiful and romantic. But snow can also become a problem. For example, if large amounts fall on an awning, a carport or gazebo. The roof can become overburdened. Risks also arise when snow melts and create melt water. If the melt water seeps into the house or doors, this can lead to moisture damage. Another tip for every homeowner: Regular inspections help to discover snow and snow drifts in good time, allowing you to take the necessary measures to deal with them.

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