The benefits of private aviation

Is private aviation purely an unnecessary add-on for those who pursue a luxury lifestyle? Companies around the globe don’t seem to think so. According to a National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) survey published in 2015, 21% of pilots have witnessed an increase in the number of firms chartering a private jet for business travel since 2010.


The benefits of private aviation


In 2015 the Engel & Völkers Group has expanded its service portfolio to include the brokerage of business aircraft and private jets. With a global network in 32 countries and a high level of professionalism, Engel & Völkers seeks to enter into this new market very quickly.

The CEO of Engel & Völkers Aviation, Bart Boury, explains to you why the popularity of private aviation is soaring:

It’s more convenient

Reaching the airport can be a chore. If your nearest commercial runway is several hours away in a busy city, the journey hardly marks a stress-free start to a business trip. A private jet charter allows you to choose between smaller airports that are more conveniently located, and if you’re running late, your flight will wait.

Timing your journey is a definitive luxury of travelling privately. In the realm of independent aviation, your flight can be arranged to suit you rather than an airline’s schedule.

It enhances efficiency

A significant benefit of using a private aircraft is skipping the usual immigration lines. You can also park much closer to the runway and avoid needless wandering through a vast airport. There are fewer procedures and crowds to navigate, meaning you can arrive closer to your take-off time.

There’s also no need to be at the check-in desk hours in advance, which is ideal if you have to work the morning before a flight.

It’s much quicker

According to Business Insider, a private jet tends to climbs faster than a regular passenger plane. It’s also able to avoid air traffic and often flies along the most direct routes.

The entire security and boarding process is smoother, faster and far less stressful, with bags loaded and unloaded in next to no time. At the other end, ground staff are prepared for your arrival, meaning you can have your luggage packed directly into a preordered car, ready to set off immediately.

It increases privacy

Time spent travelling can be frustratingly fragmented. When you use a private aircraft, you’re not only cutting down on your pre- and post-flight but allowing yourself the opportunity to work uninterrupted on the plane. Many passengers report an increase in productivity due to the peace and quiet afforded by private aviation. 67% of people surveyed by the NBAA in 2015 say they are just as productive on a business aircraft flight as at the office.

Enhanced privacy also has significant advantages. If you need to discuss sensitive information by phone or access confidential emails and data, you can never be certain who’s within earshot in business class on a public airline.

It’s far safer

Private airlines have impeccable safety records. If a public aviation company with a monopoly over a certain region has a questionable record, businesses often find it preferable to send employees to meetings on private jets.

In addition, if there’s a security risk in the destination at the time of travel, the ability to fly with a private aircraft is reassuring.

As experts in both business and private aviation, Engel & Völkers is well versed in the benefits of bespoke travel. If you’re searching for trusted advice on flying privately, or are hoping to charter a plane for a one-off trip, our advisors are available to guide you.

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