Better living in a villa in Santa Eulalia

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Beautiful real estate can be found all over the world. But it’s on Ibiza in Santa Eulalia where you will find a villa that fits and your needs perfectly. The wonderful environment full of luxury is included.

Whichever season you pick to dwell, to live or to enjoy, you will make the right decision every single time. The sunny island and your new villa will delight you all year round.

Property overlooking nature and palm trees (Santa Eulalia)

Property surrounded by stunning nature, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

On Christmas time in November and December you’ve spent quite a lot of time outside your villa in Santa Eulalia on the enchanting Christmas markets. The Christmas markets on Ibiza have so much to offer! Here you can buy beautiful gifts and at the same time enjoy a rollicking atmosphere: There’s, for example, a hippie market that is specifically designed for people who are alternative and do not follow the regular mainstream. Here you can get anything, starting from colorful batik hats to anything your hippie heart desires.

Now the hustle and bustle around Christmas markets in Santa Eulalia and the surrounding areas has come to an end – but there is still quite a lot to experience after all the gift unwrapping and cozy evenings in front of the candle light are over.

Leave your villa and take a horseback ride near San Juan. The horse club of Ibiza “Horse Valley” takes on small groups – no more than eight people, along with trained teachers exploring the north of Ibiza. It has forests and fields and so some rocky hills. If you prefer a more cozy setting, then just take a long beach walk to the countless beautiful beaches of Santa Eulalia. The selection is great, and so is the joy.

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