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Owning a generous penthouse on Mallorca is definitely something special. Even better, however, if your property is located in El Molinar.

As perfect as El Molinar is for you and as comfortably and stylishly you have arranged it – you still want to experience things outside of your property. How great is that El Molinar is located just east of Palma de Mallorca’s center, which puts you right near the vibrant heart of the island.

Penthouse with stunning views (El Molinar)

High quality penthouse with unique view, El Molinar, Mallorca

Are you interested in art? In particular, contemporary art? Then visit the exhibition of Lawrence Weiner at the Galleria Horrach Moya in Palma. The American artist has developed a refined and simple style of expressing himself: As a self-proclaimed sculptor, he sticks phrases on canvases or fixates statements in his environment. That puts importance not only on the medium, but first and foremost the message. His current exhibition is titled “Beclamed within the embrace of a whirl wind”.

If you want to see more than just art, but also want to listen to great music, you will be positively surprised when you visit the Beethoven Festival at the Cultural Centre Sa Nostra in Palma from January to March. From Liszt to Schumann – here you can hear professionally interpreted classics.

Do you want to be active outside of your apartment in El Molinar, in addition to art and sports? As an enthusiastic amateur or hobby cyclist, an opportunity you should not miss out on is the “Playa de Palma Challenge Ciclista Mallorca”. Here you can watch professionals while they ride their bikes – the atmosphere is relaxed and playful.

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