Career Tips: Build your USP

This applies to your conduct on industry-relevant social media platforms as well. Take the time to create and maintain an online presence that demonstrates your business knowledge and builds up your network. Any publicly available work – whether a portfolio, website or personal blog – should represent you in a positive, accurate and up-to-date manner. 

Career Tips: Build your USPDefine your achievements

Being confident of your own ability will have a positive impact on your work. As US President Theodore Roosevelt said: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” It is important to demonstrate the value you provide to clients and colleagues.

Compile a list of qualifications and areas of expertise that summarises your core strengths. When being considered for prospective work, provide clients with a portfolio; facts, figures and testimonials that show real-life examples of your work will make their decision easy. Highlight anything that is unique, or specialised, as these attributes will set you apart from competitors.

Set career goals

Look at trailblazers in your current field that you look up to: what makes them successful? Do they have particular areas of expertise and technical skills? Now look at your own CV, and identify any gaps. Research networking events, training courses and opportunities at work that might fill those holes and expand your knowledge. 

Think about the long term as well as the short term. How do you foresee your career progressing? Even if your plans change later on, it’s useful to map out your path. Work out what your next five steps are, and find something you can start doing today to achieve these goals.

Promote your USP

Draw all elements of your professional identity together: your image, your career to date and your future ambitions. Identify why this combination makes you unique, and summarise this in a few, short sentences. This is your personal brand, summed up in an ‘elevator pitch’. Once you’ve established what it is you’ll be able to articulate it clearly and market yourself to prospective clients, creating more business opportunities and successfully raising your profile. 

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