Costa Smeralda Archistars: Jacques and Savin Couelle

In the immense world of architecture exists a wide difference between technicians – who are capable to produce impressive results –  and the artists  - who can reach a poetic perfection. Jacques and Savin Couelle are the perfect combination of both this two categories.


The timeless charm of a unique architecture.

Two architects, father and son, eccentric and brilliant artists, are among the minds that gave form and substance to the Costa Smeralda style: His Highness Prince Aga Khan, during the design phase, has in fact chosen the best of European architecture; Jacques Couelle (1887 – 1982), Swiss architect, French by adoption, a friend of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, has founded his career on the study of modern building materials, calling himself both an architect and sculptor. Couelle senior’s projects, in fact, born as real sculptures, materials are shaped in innovative ways: eliminating right angles and edges, bringing all forms to an harmonious softness that will later become the philosophy of Costa Smeralda aesthetics.



Carved into the granite rocks as if it was shaped by the wind, this villa allows you to live a unique atmosphere.




Couelle’s masterpiece is undoubtedly the Cala di Volpe Hotel: a true institution of luxury and a symbol of brilliant architecture, the hotel, with its whitewashed walls, wood-beamed ceilings, soft and sinuous lines and stone faced walls, recalls the style of the ancient fishing villages with a surrealistic twist, providing a feeling of elegance and intimacy. Jacques and Savin Couelle, while developing their own research on materials, worked together at many important projects and their synergy has created a perfect synthesis of the world-renowned Costa Smeralda style.



The sinuous vaulted ceilings: the unmistakable signature of Couelle.




The rare charm of Cala di Volpe by night.

Savin Couelle, at the end of his father’s career, masterfully picks his lesson.
Also Savin’s projects, in fact, are nests in which the right angle is banned, leaving room for vaulted ceilings, curved volumes, irregular juniper beams and cosy niches. Starting from his father studies, Savin Couelle develops the utilization of exclusive and ancient materials: where Jacques built with concrete, Savin builds with the rock carved into the rock; he searches for the best local craftsmen to enrich his villas with an antique taste; finely hand worked local stones, handmade terracotta, juniper wooden beams , old tiles, ceilings made out of reeds, are just some of the refinements that Couelle chooses for his projects.



The granite rock and the bleached juniper wood creates a perfect contrast with the deep blue of the sea framed by the windows.




The magic of the Couelle’ architecture facing the brethless seascape of Pevero bay.


A Couelle’s villa is not only an undoubted architectural masterpiece, but an emotional experience that leaves you breathless: the skilful disposition of the rounded and primordial volumes offering a feeling of lightness and airiness, the competence that every single detail unveils, and most of all, the unbridled creativity that in both Couelle’s work is fundamental.
This is the expression of Couelle style: perfect match between inside and outside, the total balance between attention to detail and overall view, the realism in a dream-like dimension.



The seamless integration with landscape thanks to the utilization of local materials as the pink granite rock.



Natural shapes and lines for an exclusive retreat, result of a contemporary attention to detail.

The thrill of owning a Couelle villa responds to the desire to find a private haven in which to enjoy the luxury of living a priceless masterpiece, a perfect symbol of what is the unique style of Costa Smeralda.


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