How to create a home gym with limited space

They say that half the battle of the gym is getting yourself there. Well, with a home gym, that couldn’t be any easier. Whether you’re already a fitness fanatic or are looking for some extra motivation to get in shape, the prospect of having your own home gym is an attractive one.

How to create a home gym with limited spaceThe great news is that you don’t need to live in a mansion for a home gym to be a realistic goal. Here are a few tips to help you make your dream a reality, even in the smallest of spaces.

Separate an area from your living space

The key to a successful home fitness regime lies in creating a dedicated space. If you get used to seeing your home gym equipment lying around your living area, you may stop making the connection between them and exercise. It’s therefore vital that you separate your home gym from your home living space as best you can.

If you’re not blessed with a spare room to transform into a home workout space, there are other ways to create the same effect. Consider making use of room dividers, book cases or even house plants to conceal your new dedicated workout area.

Select your equipment wisely

There’s a vast range of home fitness gear out there. If you’re working with limited space, you’re going to have to choose wisely.

A lot of home gym gear is foldable, allowing you to maximise the space available. Another good idea is to shop for home fitness equipment that has multiple uses. If a bench allows you to work on your chest, arms and legs, then it’s a smart investment. The more adjustable things are, the better.

Conversely, machines like treadmills and cycling simulators can prove a less effective use of space. Not only are they good for only one kind of exercise, but they don’t offer anything that you can’t get outside the home.

Fit a mirror

Home fitness is all about motivation. Once you get going, one of the best ways to motivate yourself is to recognise the progress you’re making. Fitting a mirror on the wall of your home gym will allow you to keep an eye on how far you’ve come, as well as help you to perfect your technique.

Mirrors also have the added benefit of making a space look bigger – ideal if your home fitness centre is slightly on the small side.

Add a touch of luxury

Keeping on top of your fitness at home isn’t all about utility, there should be a little fun in it too. One easy way to make your home fitness sessions more enjoyable is to bring some music into your home gym. Install a home audio system and create a playlist that’ll get you pumped for the duration of your workout.

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