Daily habits for successful Real Estate Agents

While business success might sometimes seem as mysterious as alchemy, turning your efforts into gold can be a simple matter of the right routine. In our experience, there are a number of good habits that feature in the daily patterns of successful real estate agents. Read on to find out how making small changes to your everyday life can have a genuinely positive effect on your business.

Daily habits for successful real estate agentsOrganise your time

Planning your activities for each day, and week, will help you prioritise your tasks. A good rule to follow when doing this is that if it’s most important to your customers, it should be most important to you. Blocking out portions of time in your diary will help you map out tasks and keep a clear view of how your time is allocated. A shared email calendar will indicate to you and others when you are and aren’t available. Label your time as ‘busy’ or ‘do not disturb’ to help you stay committed to the things you planned.

Keep your inbox clear

A high percentage of successful people, whether real estate agents or in other areas of business, say they begin their day by checking their emails. Get this, often unappealing, job done early and efficiently. Clear out unwanted messages, get all your responses drafted and make notes on any follow up actions. You might even choose to start your working day with this already out of the way, perhaps doing it over breakfast or on your commute to the office. 

Text leads right away

A top tip from successful estate agents is to text, call or email any leads right away. There’s no such thing as being too keen in this business. When you wake up, check for overnight leads and set a reminder to text them as soon as the working day begins. If you’re out on a job though, do keep your phone on silent. Texting one client while you’re meeting another can be as detrimental as texting on a dinner date!

Be active on social media

These days it certainly pays to be au fait with social media and business people who have honed this skill have a huge head start on lead generation. Social media is an easy way to show off your brand and expertise and, if you reach people and give them advice for free, you’ll inspire confidence in them before you even meet. Liking and sharing others’ content is another effective way to get your business noticed. Also try to reply to every comment on your social media accounts to show potential customers that you value what they have to say.

Give advice freely

Offering advice allows you to demonstrate your expertise and, as there’s an excess of information on the internet, people may not want to pay for yours right away. A blog is an ideal platform for you to give tips, answer questions or simply share your insight into a subject. You can also show your personality while engaging with your clients, all before you’ve even arranged a face-to-face.

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