Daniel Libeskind: “An architect’s job is to make life better.”

1_Daniel_Libeskind_c_StefanRuiz2Daniel Libeskind, internationally renowned architect and city planner, first caused a sensation with his designs for the Jewish Museum in Berlin, which opened its doors in 2001. The construction marked the start of his international career as an architect.

Sculptural aesthetic is typical of Libeskind’s architectural style. His worked is characterised by asymmetrical, slightly distorted buildings, some of which seem to have stood stock still in the middle of a movement. His thought follows interdisciplinary approach: the language of his architecture tells a story and creates an immediate link with its surroundings. He won’t let himself be tied down. “I’m fascinated by the relationships between lines and words, between silence and music. Conceptions for spatial experience are also born out of that”, said Libeskind in an interview.

Libeskind was born in Poland in 1946, and his parents emigrated to Israel in 1957. He now also has US citizenship. After studying music in New York and Israel, he began a career as a professional musician before discovering architecture. He has lived in New York with his family since 2003. Libeskind has lectured at universities in Yale, London, Zurich and St. Gallen, among others.

“It’s about creating memorable places, and buildings that will endure beyond their time”, Libeskind said in an interview with the Rheinische Post. Take a look at these truly memorable buildings here.

1. The Mons International Congress Centre/ Belgium
2_Libeskind_Mons_Congress_Center_cGeorges_de_Kinder2Libeskind sees the International Congress Centre in Mons as a mediator between cultures. It was created as part of the preparations for the “Capital of Culture 2015” initiative.

2. The Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden
3_Libeskind_Military_History_Museum_cHufton+Crow_Photography2The museum, newly renovated according to Libeskind’s plans, reopened in 2011. A stand out feature is the sloping walls that threaten to fall over.

3. Vanke Pavilion in Milan
4_Libeskind_Vanke_Pavilion_Expo2015_cHufton+Crow_Photography2The exterior of Libeskind’s pavilion, made for the Chinese construction company Vanke for the expo in Milan, resembles a lizard, and the interior is designed to look like a coral reef.

4. World Trade Centre in New York City
5_Libeskind_World_Trade_Center_cJoeWoolhead2According to Libeskind’s early designs, the new World Trade Centre should have looked more original.

5. The Vitra residential tower, in Brazil’s São Paulo
6_Libeskind_Vitra_cAnaMello2His first project in South America: the Vitra residential tower, a 77 metre tall, incredible new construction housing luxury apartments, stands in Brazil’s São Paulo.

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