How to decorate your second home

Your second home should be the place to escape from the daily grind, to relax and unwind with your family and friends. Furthermore second homes are the best place to showcase your personality. For these reasons, you need to make sure your personal hideaway remains a safe haven, a place that’s worth dreaming about, no matter how many times you visit. This all begins with your home décor or rather interior design scheme. Here are the things you should consider when designing your dream home-away-from-home.


How to decorate your second home

Abandon convention


Leave behind any rules you’d usually apply to decorating your home; your second home is the place to have fun. Experiment with light and colours to create a space that’s truly unique. Try out those bold patterns you may have always wanted to try but were a bit afraid to use at home. As always with bold prints, start off in moderation and build up piece by piece.

Plan for future flexibility

You could be sharing this space with any number of friends, family and guests so purchasing multipurpose or larger pieces of furniture gives you additional options in the coming years. Creating an open floor plan also allows for plenty of scope whether entertaining large numbers of guests or planning a private getaway for two. Another good idea is to invest in durable furnishings and hard-wearing textiles that will last the distance – particularly if you plan on renting out your home at any point.

Be inspired by your surroundings

Let the location influence your design. In coastal getaways, consider blues, glass and rustic rope and driftwood features in the rooms and outdoor space. Wood cabins lend themselves to warm colours, thick rugs and log stacks inside, while fire pits and cosy spaces outside are a must. If you’re in an exotic location, incorporate bright colours and locally inspired prints and patterns. Try to find some local art pieces too to really give your home an authentic feel.

Celebrate the views

Often the view is a vital feature of your holiday home. It’s a large part of relaxing too, so make sure you keep your windows and windowsills clear of clutter. Let the fantastic vistas speak for themselves and opt for simple curtains in light materials if it’s a warm location, or something heavy yet simple if not. Effectively showing off your surroundings serves as a constant reminder that you’ve escaped normality.

Remember your outdoor space

When on holiday your outdoor areas can be just as important as your interiors. In warmer climes, transform balconies, gardens and verandas into shady spots for relaxation and contemplation. Even when it’s not so warm, the outdoors can be equally inviting provided you have the right furnishings. Look into purchasing soft, outdoor-ready blankets, warm, sociable seating and, of course, patio heaters.

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