How to design your kids room

The perfect children’s bedroom should reflect their tastes and interests, while complementing the interior design of your home. Here are our top ten tips to design and organise their room in a way that pleases everyone.

How to design your kids room
1. Allow room to grow

What starts out as a nursery will become a child’s bedroom sooner than you might think. Avoid starting from scratch at every stage of your child’s life by making sure key items of furniture – such as the bed – are timeless, neutral pieces that will suit changing schemes.

2. Involve your child

Include your children as much as possible when designing their bedrooms, asking them to choose from a selection of themes or colour palettes. Collaboration means you’ll both be happy with the room once it’s finished.

3. Maximise space

A child needs room to study, play and relax, so their bedroom should be multi-purpose. Raised beds create space for a desk and chair beneath, while an upholstered storage container can easily double up as a stool.

4. Plan storage solutions

Keep favourite toys lower down, within easy reach, using high-up shelves and storage boxes for lesser-used playthings. Depending on your child’s age, you may need to factor safety in: folding doors, glass shelves and breakable items can all pose a hazard.

5. Make a statement

Commissioning made-to-measure furniture will add a unique touch to your child’s room. Luxury children’s bedroom designer Gigi Brooks creates beautiful handmade furniture – from fairytale cribs to ornate wooden toyboxes – as part of a bespoke design service.

6. Unleash your child’s creativity

Allow your child to personalise their bedroom walls with band posters, photos of friends and their own artwork. Keep things looking tidy by designating a specific area: opt for a noticeboard or chalkboard wall and give them free reign to decorate.

7. Accessorise

Throw pillows, rugs and framed prints are a great way to express personality, or reflect current interests, but can be replaced once your child outgrows them.

8. Use educational items

Vintage maps and globes, cutting-edge telescopes or an alphabet tree on the wall will all nurture your child’s inquisitive side, while lending the room a scholastic feel.

9. Embrace toys

Brightly coloured, beautiful toys can double up as décor. Wooden soldiers, ballerina music boxes and gilded train sets displayed on shelves will bring warmth and personality to your child’s room.

10. Consider bedtime

Plan how best to arrange a bedroom to encourage a good night’s sleep. A ceiling fan will regulate temperature and a humidifier will allow children to sleep soundly, whilst heavy curtains and blackout blinds can block out external light.

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