Dream of a country house in beautiful Deià

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When you finally made your dream of a finca in beautiful Deià in Mallorca a reality, you started wondering which beautiful sights you would be able to see and visit near your new property. You browsed online to see sights nearby Deià. During your search, you have stumbled upon Son Marroig, amongst others.

Now that you have first visited this stunningly beautiful place, you can understand why everyone in your surroundings was advising you to go visit there once.

Outside of your Finca in Deià there is plenty to do

Property with views of mountains and sea (Deià)

Property with breathtaking sea and mountain views, Deià, Mallorca

On your first, but certainly not last visit of Son Marroig, you were completely astounded by the former mansion, formerly owned by Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria-Tuscany. Today Ludwig Salvator is known primarily known for his competent and scientific studies in the Mediterranean area. For thirty years, starting with 1867, the archduke owned a 16km coastal property in Mallorca, stretching between Valldemossa and Deià. During this time, no tree could be cut and not a house could be built there. All animals living here could live undisturbed and were not threatened by hunting. Here is where Ludwig Salvator studied the flora and fauna of Mallorca. His seven-volume publication “The Balearics” is considered one of the most reliable time and nature documents of all times.

His mansion Son Marroig was the main residence within its large private property. It is located in an area whose road network is still preserved in the Sierra del Teix today. Within this area, numerous viewpoints with benches and low walls invite you to relax and marvel at the beauty of the coast. Hikers like you experience the greatest joy here simply by staring in the distance. And new owners of a villa or finca in Deià have the greatest pleasure of returning to their dream property after a wonderful day of hiking.

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