A dream villa in Ibiza

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To buy a property in Ibiza was just right. Among all the wonderful properties it was a stylish villa which has excited you the most. 2016 has started perfectly for you.

Even now at the beginning you still think back and reminisce about the Christmas season in your new villa on Ibiza. You’ve spent a much more relaxed and balanced Christmas time in your new property on Ibiza than in your old home. Unfortunately, the Christmas season went by much too quickly – but there are plenty of other things in Ibiza, which will keep you amazed outside of your stylish villa in Ibiza.

Villa overlooking Ibiza and the sea

Villa with breathtaking sea views, Ibiza

You want to know what makes Ibiza so exceptional, what keeps it so exceptional and what will keep it exceptional forever? Here is a brief but memorable insight into activities that make life outside your villa in Ibiza worthwhile.

If you like to be active on the water, rather than admiring underwater fish, shells and corals, you can now adjust mentally to the water sports season from April to about October. Leave your villa and take a ride with the Takeoff Ibiza Jet Boat 360 °! If you can hold on tight and are an avid swimmer, a tour on this boat is a unique experience! The boat makes riding the waves an exceptional experience, performs emergency braking and curves that are reminiscent of a log flume – just better and more authentic.

To buy a villa in Ibiza was exactly the right decision. Keep yourself relaxed during Christmas as long as possible and you are look forward to the eventful watersport season.

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