Easy living

“Summertime, and the living is easy” goes the old song, and this is certainly the time of year for relaxed and leisurely days. It is also a wonderful excuse to refresh and rejuvenate our living spaces. Just as we turn to wearing our lighter, fresher summer clothes, our homes feel cooler and brighter with a seasonal makeover. Are you ready for a sea-change?

Easy livingColour palette

The European furniture shows are the annual catwalks for the interiors industry and highlight the trends for the year ahead. In 2016, Paris, Milan and Cologne were all bursting with bold shades, perhaps in homage to the forthcoming Brazilian Olympics. Mint green is a dominant note, alongside strong and vibrant yellow, orange and turquoise. Paint specialists, Farrow & Ball, always on the cusp of every cultural shift, have introduced “Cooking Apple Green”, ideal for a splash of intensity. 

Tribal Rhythmns

Lazy, languid lounging requires lots of cushions and pillows. Look out for bold indigenous patterns from countries like Africa, Mexico or Tibet. An eye-catching array of heaped cushions is always inviting and will draw everyone to settle down and relax, whether indoors or out. Throw down a Moroccan rag rug for an extra burst of cheerful vivacity.

Switch to delicate filigree

Heavy, light-absorbing pieces do not suit a sunny room. Pack away those more cumbersome items, and substitute lamps, side-tables and candlesticks which look as if they have been sketched in the air. Filigree furnishings are the perfect light touch for rooms filled with sunshine.

Metallics and pinks

The jury is undecided as to whether copper or brass heads the charts for number one metal, but both glow gorgeously next to Pantone’s favoured rosy shades. Pick up on the radiance of sunrise and sunset with this reflective duo. A burnished copper jug filled with dusky roses should do the job to perfection.

Natural elements

The marriage of outside and in is harmonized by use of stone and wood in the home. Think beyond tables and worktops and explore ideas that bring their warmth and luster to other areas. Wooden coasters, a stone clock, or create a stone-clad wall with clever use of wallpaper.

The future beckons

The optical illusion of 3D is already a revolution in printing and is set to take over in our homes. Emerging onto the market are quirky and original 3D pieces which tease the senses and have a playful complexity. Also in ascendance are multifunctional, space-saving concepts. Ingenious chairs turn into tables, a home office folds away, a sofa converts to a pool table! Have fun with these futuristic fixtures while they are still fresh and new – soon they will be everywhere. 

We are privileged at Engel & Völkers with our vast exposure to superbly decorated homes throughout the world. Should you be in a position to consider selling or investing in a second home, we can guide you through every step of the way. We have experts in every region and a visit to our website will reveal our portfolio of exclusive properties.

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