Everything ready for the Venice Carnival 2016!

The origins of the Venice Carnival are very ancient: the first written witness, dating back to 1094, describes public parties and entertainments and uses the word “Carnevale” for the first time.

Afterwards, the ritual became a funny and recreation time for venetian people, who partecipated to the parties wearing masks and costumes in order to hide their identity and cancel the differences between different social classes, gender or religions.

The collective partecipation to this ritual, always without being recognized, was the real spirit of the Carnival, and so is today: as in the past, the several parties and city entertainments are still today a strong attraction for masked people and tourists from all around the world. Street concerts, parades, shows and live music animates the island for about 3 weeks, especially during the most crowdy days like thursday, friday, saturday and shrove tuesday (February, 04th-06th and 09th).

Parallely to official city events all around the “campi” (squares) and “calli” (streets), Venice Carnival is full of exclusive parties and masked balls organized in the famous and wonderful historic venetian palaces. In these places, rich of furnitures and atmospheres almost unchanged in the time, it is possible to loose yourself in the ancient splendor and tradition of the Carnival as it was once.


Venice Carnival: January 23rd – February 09th, 2015

For further information: www.carnevale.venezia.it



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