What to do with the extra room in your house

Sometimes there’s an extra space in the house that you just don’t know what to do with. Perhaps it’s a nursery that’s been outgrown, or a room that’s too small to use as a guest bedroom. Here’s a few ways you can give your spare room a new lease of life.

What to do with the extra room in your house

Home gym

If you love working out but find it difficult to get yourself to the gym, this is the perfect use for your spare room. You can equip the space with your favourite gym machines and even have a shower and towel rail fitted for extra luxury. A yoga mat, exercise ball, weights and kettlebells help to inspire variety in your routine. Then, all you need is music. Investing in a stereo system can inspire you to get up and go at any time of day or night.


Put your favourite novels in pride of place by converting your spare room into a library or reading room. For a contemporary feel, line the walls with light wood or white bookcases. Square compartments are ideal for displaying books and knick-knacks. Then add somewhere to sit; this could be a window seat, a retro leather chair, or a collection of inviting pillows and plush throws.


As fun as it is to spend time with the younger members of the family, sometimes you need to draw a line between the space for the grown-ups and the children. Converting your extra room into a kids-only zone not only keeps your space free of toys but children really appreciate having a space to call their own. Decorate with imagination, perhaps even let them choose the theme, and designate this as their own special play space.


Whether it’s full-time or just for odd occasions, a home office is a practical use for a spare room. Keep the design flexible, with a simple desk and a shelf or two. If you’re in the creative industry, a studio-office can work really well at home. Work with the space to fit an easel, a mood board or just a large desk to spread out your ideas.

Hobby room

Whatever your hobby, a spare room is your chance to embrace it. If music is your great love, consider creating an at-home music room with amplifiers and beautifully displayed sheet music. Alternatively, use your extra room to create your own media space, artist’s studio or dance area.

Boot and pet room

When it comes to home organisation, sometimes it’s best to keep the outdoors contained. If you spend a lot of time in the garden, turn your extra room into a boot room. Use the space to store all your damp and muddy clothes, with simple furnishings like cupboards and plenty of practical coat hooks and shoe racks as well as a sturdy doormat. This could double up as a space for dog beds too, to keep all the dirt in one place. 

Walk-in wardrobe

Depending on the placement of your extra room, it could be a perfect walk-in wardrobe. A room that’s just too small to sleep in can be provide a storage solution for clothes and jewellery, helping to keep your bedroom minimalist and tidy too.

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