Five tips for creating a movie theatre in your home

“I like to stay at home making cinema in my head” the famous footballer Eric Cantona once famously told the media. Although the rest of us can’t all have the king’s imagination, we can indulge in a home movie theatre and bring magic and excitement to all our video entertainment.

Not only does a personal cinema offer a superb space for entertaining, it also increases a property’s appeal for prospective buyers or tenants. But not all home movie theatres are alike. Our tips will help you install the perfect picture-house setup.


5 tips for creating a movie theatre in your home

1. Black out the windows


The darker the room, the better the picture. Light can easily seep in and ruin the image quality, especially during the day. Blackout curtains can be effective, but it’s worth blocking out light from the windows entirely if you’re creating a dedicated cinema space.

2. Pick the perfect projector

Choose a premium projector for your setup. A dark room won’t require anything above 1,000 lumens, which leaves the question of resolution. With films now being shot in such a high resolution, no less than 720p is acceptable in a home cinema.

Real cinema enthusiasts and sports fans, however, will be seeking to improve on that figure. Investing in a 4K projector will not only ensure excellent image quality, it will also continue to serve you well in the future. 1080p may be the standard today, but technology develops at a fast pace in the AV world.

3. Go wireless with surround sound

Surround sound is an absolute must when it comes to home cinemas. The question is not whether to do it, but how. The quality of surround sound systems today is so high that you can afford to put an emphasis on aesthetics when shopping around.

The key is to ensure any wiring is invisible. If you’re building a dedicated space from scratch, you can hide the wires in the walls. Otherwise, it’s worth choosing a wireless system to ensure the room stays neat.

4. Install suitable seating

The ultimate finishing touch on a home cinema is the seating. Ordinary lounge chairs and sofas may be multipurpose, built as much for socialising as they are for relaxing, but cinema seating should be more specialised.

Measure the room before making any purchases to ensure your seating fits comfortably within your space and offers visitors an unrestricted view.

5. Provide refreshments

No film-watching experience is complete without a healthy helping of drinks and snacks. Rather than carrying treats through from the kitchen, keep as much as you can nearby. Depending on the amount of available space, that could mean anything from purchasing a humble mini fridge to installing a fully stocked bar.

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