Florence, the most fascinating city in the world and its Squares

Piazza della Libertà, Firenze, foto fb di Immagini e Musica di Peter


Among all the beautiful Squares of Florence today I choose to tell you about Piazza della Libertà (the Freedom Square) where in 1738 was built the triumphal arch to celebrate the arrival of Lorena after the extinction of the Medici. The square was known as Piazza di Porta San Gallo then throughout the ‘800 being renamed Piazza Cavour, then for 10 years it was known as Piazza Costantino Ciano then as Piazza Ettore Muti and at the end since 1945 as Piazza della Libertà (Freedom Square).
Until 1865 the square was located outside the walls, which were subsequently demolished and Giuseppe Poggi created the current elliptical square with a central garden around the ancient port with the triumphal arch; Poggi didn’t touch the Parterre, wanted by Pietro Leopoldo, where in 1922 Enrico Fantappiè built the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Until the construction of the exhibition center at the Fortezza it hosted the famous Craft exhibition. In 1990, for the football World Cup, there was built a parking and about Fantappiè’s structure remains very little. Today is an interesting center where young people gather.

The square is very lively and along its many arcade (portico) is pleasant to go often to shops and bars!

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