Florence lights up for Holidays

luci-ponte-vecchioWith the lighting of the big tree in the Piazza del Duomo and the one in Palazzo Vecchio, as well as the lights that frame the city, Florence has dressed up for the Christmas F-Light, the Festival of Lights, wich it will last until the 8th of January: Florence light Festival illuminates the monuments and the squares with video-mapping, projections, light shows, educational activities and meetings in 15 urban areas of the city.
Among the events scheduled there is the video-mapping on the Ponte Vecchio and the installation Endless Column to the Forte Belvedere, with a beam of light pointed towards the sky.
This year the theme of the event is the source, whic is understood both as a place from which the water flows, and as a source of light, energy, heat. So as a vital source principle, which marks the cyclical alternation of the various aspects of existence. It is in this spirit that will be flooded with light numerous monuments: churches, palaces and towers.

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