Forza d’Agrò – The little pearl of Sicily

… just these few last, narrow curves up the hill… a few moments later the village of Forza d’Agrò opens its gates of hospitality. On one of its numerous holidays these first meters of Forza d’Agrò will be sparkling bright and colourfully decorated. Most likely the visitor will have made a short panorama-shooting before, driving up the strada provinciale, climbing up the brother-hill of Taormina: starting from Capo Sant’Alessio with its picturesque castle right at the shore, way up into the scenic village,  keeping its original Sicilian atmosphere alive to the present day.

Upon arrival the visitor must choose: Turing left on Townhall Square, where a bread piazza and a breathtaking view will almost make you forget the modest chapel of San Francesco – hiding in a corner of the piazza. Or taking the U-Turn to the right along the panoramic road, where restaurants are courting hungry visitors. Every curve seems to be in an endless competition for the best view, it is nearly impossible to tire of staring in the distance. On the one hand there is Calabria, on the other hand Taormina, looking north you will find the Strait of Messina, hidden behind the Peloritanian Mountains. Southwards the majestic and powerful Mount Etna. Every view is unique.

You might be wishing to have continued straight ahead into the heart of Forza d’Agrò, to give your eyes a little rest: Looking on the baroque facade of the cathedral SS Annunziata; scenery of the world famous films „The Godfather“ – chosen for its original Sicilian atmosphere. Wondering through narrow lanes, passing by winding corners, having a look into small shops and inviting cafes. Above all this scenery a normannic castle – again!

A visitor can only imagine the beauty of the houses interiour. As do the streets, also the houses are competing for the best view, the most elegant terrace, the bloomiest balcony.

This is the original Sicily – and it will never let you forget it. A moment of joy standing on one of these panoramic points, thinking by yourself: „Thank god they still exist, these small gems of Sicily.“

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