Gastronomy in L’Escala

L’Escala offers a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine as well as dishes based on local produce.

The town’s speciality are the anchovies of L’Escala and fresh fish.

L’Escala has a gastronomic tradition which stretches back over the centuries, which has given the town renkown and international prestige. In terms of Empordanese Cusine, the area is recognised, in culinary terms, as a place which serves excellent fish and where top quality restaurants can be found. Typical dishes are the anchovies of L’Escala, the fish broth or “suquet” and varieties of traditional Mediterranean cooking.
There are five anchovy factories in L´Escala which are open to visitors.  
L´Escala has a long tradition as a centre for the anchovy industry. The first documented evidence comes from the writer and jurist Francisco Zamora, in the diary of his travels through Catalonia (1757-1812), in which he comments. “In l´Escala there is much fishing and trade in anchovies, the men earn a good wage and noone is poor. There is a salt warehouse and the women take charge of the anchovies”. This text is proof that L´Escala was an important town whith respect to fish salting and the town has preserved this tradition. Its reputation spans the world and it has maintained the traditional production of totally natural products over the years.

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