Get happy at home!

Your home should be your heaven; a place where each and every inhabitant can relax, recharge and recover from the rigours of daily life. In this age of constant connectivity, it can be hard to prevent external interruptions from tainting the tranquil atmosphere of your home. Making these small changes will help to reclaim your house as a place of soothing serenity and contentment.


Favour minimalism

Although it’s all too easy to accumulate belongings, clutter causes stress. Reducing clutter therefore not only makes rooms feel larger, it should also make them more relaxing to be in. Start with a thorough spring clean of storage areas and shelves, selling or donating anything that isn’t regularly used. Keep cables, paperwork and other essential household jetsam hidden away, investing in dividers to maintain order among the chaos. Regular, professional cleaning will prevent you from having to dedicate too much of your downtime to domestic tasks.

Treasure your memories

Once you’ve cleared your shelves and window sills, use them to showcase pieces with high sentimental value, such as photos that make you feel happy every time you look at them. Place each item strategically to draw the eye, creating clear focal points for inhabitants and guests alike. Family portraits, holiday souvenirs and thoughtful gifts can all inspire pleasant waves of nostalgia, adding a personal sense of warmth to each room.

Invest in quality

While a minimalist approach to the quantity of your furnishings and appliances will help to create an air of tranquillity, it’s important that every item on display is a joy to use or contemplate. Choose the best possible quality, particularly when it comes to everyday objects such as coffee makers, kitchen knives and bed sheets. Rather than hiding away your finest china and luxury candles for special occasions, bring them into regular use so that you can appreciate their calibre on a daily basis.

Disconnect regularly

The average adult spends 20 hours per week online, but sadly, this isn’t conducive to a sense of contentment. With social media usage now linked to increased anxiety, designating a specific room or area as offline-only may restore some much-needed balance to your routine. This could be as simple as a yoga mat placed in the conservatory, a desk equipped with arts and craft supplies, or a library corner with a comfortable armchair, coffee table and plenty of books.

Embrace the outdoors

Studies have shown that plants in offices increase happiness and productivity, so why not extend this experiment to your home by adding fresh foliage to each room? If you’re concerned about caring for plants on a busy schedule, opt for low-maintenance yet eye-catching succulents. Buy or gather a bouquet of flowers once a week and arrange it in a vase, placed close to the front door, to cheer your return home each day and delicately scent the hallway.

Love your property

While some buyers find deep satisfaction in renovating a property from the ground up, others hope to discover a ready-made dream home and fall in love at first sight. At Engel & Völkers, our caring, professional agents are experts in matching up discerning investors with new homes that make them truly happy. Visit us online or in-store to begin your search.


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