Got a basement? How to use it!

We often relegate our home basement to the task of storing unwanted or unused belongings, rather than making the most of its potential. It doesn’t take much, however, to transform your basement into a great space for unwinding. Have a look at these basement renovation ideas for inspiration.

BasementWine cellar

With its cool temperature and low natural light, the basement has a prime environment for housing your wine collection. Install wine racks along the walls and stock them with your favourite vintages. A wine fridge will keep champagne, young white and rosé wine chilled to perfection.

Home cinema

The dark interior of most basements is ideal for setting up a cinema at home. Use a projector for the ultimate cinema experience, but make sure it’s pointed at a flat white wall. If your basement features rough surfaces or exposed brick you’ll need to install a white screen for display purposes. When it comes to furniture, choose between cosy vintage armchairs or plush cushions scattered across the floor.

Man cave

Also known as “somewhere for the man of the house to escape and unwind”, the man cave is an increasingly popular addition to the modern home. You’ve already learned how to create the ultimate man cave, and a generous basement will allow you to go all out. A ping pong or snooker table is great for relaxing after a long day, especially when combined with a comfortable sofa and television for watching sports or playing the games console.

Children’s playroom

For families with young children, a specially designated playroom can prevent the rest of the house from being overrun with toys. Interactive elements such as climbing frames, playhouses and multiple levels will make the space as engaging as possible. Remember to carpet the floor so that it’s soft and comfortable for little playmates.

Music room

Get in touch with your musical side by using your basement as an amateur studio. Basements are perfect for practice as they have room for larger instruments like drum kits and pianos. For a jazz bar atmosphere, add some bistro tables and chairs and invite all the family to socialise together downstairs. Although basements provide some noise cancelling effects, make sure you soundproof the space if you’re planning to play into the night.

Home gym

Transform your basement into a fitness centre with free weights and a few cardio machines. Set up a smart TV on the wall and follow online exercise videos, like those by Les Mills. Many fitness instruction websites offer a subscription service, so you can access popular workout classes without having to leave your home.

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