A grand entrance: how to maximise your reception hall

First impressions count. Your entrance hall is the first thing any visitor will see of your home, so it’s the perfect place to show off your personality. Homes with beautiful exterior entryways have great kerb appeal, but your entrance hall sets the mood for the rest of your interior design too. How can you capitalise on it?

How to maximise your entrance hall

Let there be light

Whether inside or outside, light is key. The house entry can be dark, especially in older buildings, so there’s nothing like adding a new window for a burst of light. A long, narrow slit allows the perfect shaft of light into a space, as does a corner window. Outside, consider night-time arrivals. A cosy glow can be created with warm lighting, incorporating bushes and trees with lights and lanterns, while cooler, more modern lights can give off an impressive air, especially when placed near water to maximise the effect. To create a DIY stately-home effect, opt for a large vintage chandelier or standing lamp inside. Classic lanterns can provide valuable driveway illumination.

Take a seat

Allow visitors to contemplate the house entry and really take their time. Outside benches, whether traditional wooden or carved into a stone wall, are a simple way to do this. Well coordinated and stylish porch furniture can also add to the overall effect of your driveway. Inside, hallway seats are a popular choice, with window seats, and benches built into walls making it easy to maximise space. Vintage furniture like ornate silk-covered sofas can set a luxury tone for the entire house.

Look down

The front floor design is surprisingly noticeable as visitors enter and remove their shoes or stop for a breather. Many entryways favour a statement floor to add a little excitement to what is sometimes an overlooked part of the house. Black and white, intricate tiling, a contemporary rug or even classic wood flooring can make a great impression. Outside, the material of your floor is important when designing entryways. Stone paths can be impressive, but gravel is accessible to all and easy to maintain. You might wish to play off the natural surrounds and lead guests around flowerbeds or over a water feature.

Keep it neat

Since we’re making a first impression it pays to keep the entrance hall clean and tidy. Umbrella stands, coat hooks, shelves and console tables are all handy home decor options to keep things neat. If you want to embrace a vintage theme, opt for extravagant furniture. For a minimalist house, try clean lines and monochrome, or carefully concealed cupboards and storage that utilises the full height of the entrance. Outdoor storage is another option, providing a space to keep muddy boots and garden equipment out of sight and mind. It’s worth reviewing your house entry every now and again to see if it needs a spruce up.

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